richard de lorenzo


The process of transforming an empty page into an image has been an obsession of mine for many years. That process has led me from drawing, to water color, to pastel, and at my wife’s insistence pen and ink. 

Pen and ink work is a meditation, and has proven to be an enlightening way for me to translate a vision into detailed physical reality.

The transparent brilliance of watercolor can stand alone or become an elaboration of the story started in ink.  Bringing together the sharp detail and texture of ink with luminous water colors is an experiment in balancing opposites that can complete the story started in black and white.

I work quietly, letting the image in my mind free my pen to move across the paper. My paintings are finished when the pen stops moving.

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welcome to the world as seen through my eyes


Come see my painting at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts 2012 Juried Exhibition April 5-26.